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Santos Awogbemi


Santos specialises in multiple areas as a creative , he is a Videographer, Photographer and Editor. He enjoys creating eye catching motion graphics and fast paced content. 

  • Santos Awogbemi

Mudiwa ''Dzi'' Dzino


Mudiwa can bring any project to life with his postive energy helping him in  his unique directing tecjhnique,  gorgeous colour grading and in your face editing style.

  • Mudiwa Dzino

Machinda Yongya


When it comes to cinematic knowledge and the skill to execute Machindra is no stranger. His strong background in cinema is used to the max often creating short film thriller masterpieces.

  • Machindra Yongya

Ruben De Oliveira

Social Media Manager

The life and soul of any modern day company relies on the help of Social media . With the multiple different types of platforms there are there always needs to be one person to manage it, and with his strong background in social communication and a strong understanding of media trends Ruben is our man.

  • Ruben Oliveira

Ash Khan

Marketing Manager

Ash Khan has a BA degree in Marketing Management from the University of the Birmingham. His key role is customer acquisition and marketing businesses through his marketing channel of Market Made. He makes sure they have the correct exposure on social media. 

  • Ash Khan

Bruno De Oliveira


When it comes to writing amazing comedic pieces Bruno is no stranger to that aspect. With a strong background in comedy and an amazing voice , no wonder why he's our lead in podcast.

  • Bruno De Oliveira