Bilkie's Photo Shoot

Bilkie Blue Photos

This week we had the pleasure of working with Bilkie, a talented student and model from Nigeria.

We met up at her quaint little home studio in the city of Oxford.

All through the shoot our photographers had one single aim: to capture the imagery that the naked eye could not envision. The 'Raw' look (due essentially to lack of makeup and hairstyle choice) created this atmosphere of vulnerability. It was innocent but beautiful, wild but fierce, but mostly it was entirely natural. The way she seemed to hold each pose in a dimension beyond space and time, took the shoot to a world where no one wanted to return.

Bilkie red passionate lighter

The fiery red and cold blue lighting complimented her dark skin, almost to the point of immortality. Singer/songwriter Tobiah Frei who directed the shoot stated afterwards that Bilkie was one of the most naturally gifted models he had ever worked with.

Bilkie half blue and half red picture

Director: tobiah_frei

Model: bilki_gurin

Photographer : sanirro

#oxford #photoshoot #modelling #loqu

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