The Ultralight Party Has Finally Arrived

The Ultralight Party

After shooting for over a year The Ultralight Party has finally arrived. We at LOQU FILMS would like to thank everyone who was involved . Over the period of filming we have grown as filmmakers but with the help of our friends and family we have grown as people. The knowledge we have gained over this time period is priceless and we hope to repay everyone by continuously releasing high quality videos. We will execute this by creating even more engaging short films , web series and promotional videos because creativity is the bloodline of life.

Our plan so far is to release more promotional content through LOQU, then we will slowly begin working on bigger projects such as the Ultralight Party 2. So far we have some planning for the second instalment and we know you all will enjoy it.

#loqu #film #oxford #mudiwadzino #newtalent #shortfilm

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