Last week I had my first experience shooting a fashion brand. I was blessed with the opportunity to shoot with fashion brand: False Activity Kills Everything (F.A.K.E), a group consisting of creative and determined individuals who will stop at nothing to see their dreams come true and, I was given an amazing chance to be invited into their world.


Initially I was introduced to F.A.K.E when they contacted LOQU wanting to collaborate and we at LOQU were excited for the chance to work together! Since then I have shot a variety of Vlogs with Co-Founders; Nonye and Elena regarding our adventures and journey to achieving our goals. The photo shoot we accomplished was extremely fun, we had to design a set within a very strict time frame but luckily we knew what we wanted so it was relatively easy to set up.

Nonye and Jack setting up poster
Elena painting
Painting of the side wall

False painting being hung up
Bed room before we set up
Bedroom after we set up

I used my new signature technique of mixing blue and red lighting, this creates a nice purple haze throughout the set. The purple mixed in with the blue and red, really adds a lot of depth to the paintings, the bed, the flamingo and cactus. It also created a weird surreal element to the atmosphere because it didn't feel like we were filming in an ordinary persons room. This room had a story to tell, and on the first encounter you cannot help but be inquisitive: Who lives there? What are they like? What happens here? . It was also another new experience for me because most photo shoot's I've done have consisted of plain backgrounds or nature based photography, this shoot really stimulated my creative juices, showing me how depth can really add an amazing experience to a set.

False activity kills everything ACID TEE 1

models used : @claudskimmy @duquanecantwell @maya8166

The stars of the show were definitely the models, they brought the vision of the FALSE ACID TEE'S to life. Their look and professionalism on set motivated me to push my skills as a filmmaker/photographer to the max. We look forward to working with them again and most importantly I look forward to working with False Activity again.

False activity kills everything ACID TEE 2

models used : @claudskimmy @duquanecantwell @maya8166

For more on FALSE ACTIVITY check out: http://falseactivity.com/

Follow their Instagram: @falseactivity

Like their FB PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/falseactivity/?ref=br_rs

To see more of our stuff go to : LOQUFILMS.COM

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